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Monday, October 30th 2006

7:57 PM

Body of the Missionary Found in Neelum River

Dr. Mehaboob and Paulin
Muzaffarabad, October 20, 2006: The dead body of Dr. Mehaboob, the missionary of At Anycost Jesus Mission in Pakistan found in Neelum river on October 18. He was 42 years of age. Two of his children Shalom and Sharon were brutally murdered and the dead bodies were burnt on 1st of September.

His wife Paulin Mehabooba (37 years old) and the youngest daughters Sherin (11 years old) and Shelvin (7 years old) are still missing.

Dr. Mehaboob was a Muslim. He was born in Bahawalpur in Pakistan. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour while he was studying. He married a christian girl named Paulin about 17 years ago. His conversion and marriage created problems. They would have been killed by his relatives. But they escaped and lived in Peshawar for few years. They started proclaiming the Gospel there. Many people accepted Jesus. And they were attacked and their first boy child (who was eldor to Shalom) was murdered on his 7 years of age. So they left Peshawar and came to Muzaffarabad. And continued their ministry in between Muzaffarabad and Baltit.

At Anycost Jesus Mission started on 1st of January, 2000 as a millenium project for the underground evangelisation of the Muslim nations. Dr. Mehaboob is one of the founders of the Mission. There are 78 underground missionaries serving in different nations to reach the Gospel to the Muslims, in which eight are from Pakistan.

The militants asked Dr. Mehaboob family to stop missionary activites and convert back to Islam with the believers. They offered a big amount to convert back to Islam and join with their group. They very much appreciated the way of the underground ministry Dr.Mehaboob and the team doing. They wanted to utilise his efforts and talents to fight against christianity. Dr. Mehaboob and family totally refused them and boldly said that Christ is our Saviour and we will stand behind His shadow till the last breath of our life. He was beaten several times. Around 15 to 20 people kidnapped the boy Shalom on 8th of August. They forcely and roughly circumcised him. They used iron weights and rusty knives for the circumcision. Then they left the boy back home. He became sick, suffered too much pain, pus came out from penis and could not urinate for two or three days. The militants gave the warning it was only an advance. Dr. Mehaboob approched the Police to file a case. But the police did not register a case, and  said that they would be charged against Mehaboob for attempting murder to his son. All the believers gathered in his house everyday and prayed. It made the militants angry.

On 21st of August, the whole family of Dr. Mehaboob was kidnapped. Believers were beaten severly whenever they try to join for prayers. The police was supporting the militants.

The militants raped the girls in front of the parents. Sharon, the older girl rebuked, so they cut one of her breasts. Both Shalom and Sharon were killed. The militants left the dead bodies in a ditch alongwith a motorbyke, poured the petrol and burnt them. The  police  said those are unidentified dead bodies. And made a false statement that it was an accident and the petrol tank of the byke was opened while they were fallen into the ditch and burnt by a spark.

Since then there was no news about Mehaboob, wife and remaining two girls. It was informed to the related authorities of the government.
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Posted by robert:

10-2007-I kill all day long, when, a person, gets the Holy Ghost, to abate my servants, that was new jerusalem said hollie, glass city, I, kill all day long to make you backslide, teasing, stripping heart of all desire to live for me, letting gums be destroyed, by fiery darts, deseasing, entering into heart, stripping, bringing wrath, hate, carressing dick, with electricty, messing with all day, till the person backslides, then, I have to stop, I, strengthen, then do it all over, again, till they leave, for years, then if I miss I call back, I the Lord, give this prophet to choices, leave or be driven out, killed all day long, he has not done any thing, wrong, God says, said hollie, I, dont need anybody, but, if, they serve, I want them abated in my eyes, I will drive them out, all day, till they wont come back, then, I put new hearts in, draw again, ill, start killing again, moments later, I the Lord, take my servants teeth to abate them, make them want to die, cause I tempt them, carressing dick, with electricty, entering into heart, stripping out, all desire, to live for me, deseasing gums, to abate, this is killing all day long, me, driving, them, out, all day, while they weep, before me, paul sought to get removed, but, I killed all day long, have the keys to hell and death, making them hate me, by torturing, if they fast and pray, I, laugh, cause, they, waste thier time, God says, you can make me, put you in lava, said, hollie, earlier, then, if, not served, this is what peter spoke about, it would have been better if they had not known, killing all day long is God tempting to sin, and if they do, cut off, showed, Jesus, and, I made them hate me, I want you to not have teeth, to embarras you, make you sin, in front of those you witnessed to, to embarras, people lost will see, I will kill them all day long, know they couldnt be saved anyway, only a few survive, I want people in lava to abate, God will persecute his children to tempt them to sin, till they leave
Saturday, October 27th 2007 @ 7:27 PM

Posted by micks:

God bless him!
Sunday, September 16th 2007 @ 4:30 PM

Posted by Micks:

I hope that this will never happen again
Monday, September 10th 2007 @ 2:47 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

This is murder and people must brought to justice. This is the truth christian peoples in pakistan are suffering this kind of acts and mentally stress.
Friday, July 13th 2007 @ 7:11 AM

Posted by tolivr:

Frankly, I see absolutely nothing redeeming among Islamists. This nation should not offer one dime of foreign aid to these Islamist nations, and our military should kill every one of the Islamic radicals it has the opportunity to kill.
Saturday, November 18th 2006 @ 9:45 PM

Posted by Powell:

So, ya don't like Islam. Fine by me but try to hate it for the right reasons. Here is some reference material for ya.
These three websites document why Islam is a horrible religion.
Knowledge is power.
Thursday, November 2nd 2006 @ 8:58 PM

Posted by Jeff:

What a hypocrite President Musharif of Pakistan is! He proclaims that he's in the fight in the war against terror, yet he has terror within his own borders, but does nothing about it. These poor murdered martyrs are surely enjoying the presence of Jesus and each other's company now in heaven. They are probably also asking for justice from the Judge, which will be coming soon.
Thursday, November 2nd 2006 @ 6:41 PM

Posted by Scott:

1john 2:22 .....it is the antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. .... you people are very brave that preach the gospel among the nations of the religion of the antichrist.
Thursday, November 2nd 2006 @ 5:06 PM

Posted by Steve C:

i am so sorry to hear another tale of an apostate murdered and his family killed....this is yet another indication that few in the world will hear of that islam is NOT the peacefull religion it is purported to be...I am thankful that my apostacy was not greeted by a death sentence...(i gave up religion to live my life by the golden rule )
I hope that these stories reach the rest of the world....maybe it will be stories that galvanises the world into the realization that 21% of the population has either been victimised by or turned into monster by this cult of hatred
Thursday, November 2nd 2006 @ 7:41 AM

Posted by 'Tasino:

I think it is of EXTREME importance, to spread the truth of the evil nature of the "religion of peace" to so many people as possible. People, wake up! Be active in spreading the truth! Save others and all of us in Europe from dominating Islam.
Thursday, November 2nd 2006 @ 4:08 AM

Posted by Jesse:

I do not believe in god, but it makes me sad that only a few brave souls who do believe in god are willing to stand up to muslim tyranny. I will ask my father to remember this brave family in his prayers.
Thursday, November 2nd 2006 @ 3:23 AM

Posted by Keith Skillicorn:

May the Lord's name be praised for the courage of our Dear Brother and his family. Muslims desperately need Jesus to save them from such hate.
Thursday, November 2nd 2006 @ 1:37 AM

Posted by Philip:

When will every non-muslim have the courage to tell it like it is, i.e., Islam is extremely evil? It is truly satanic! The evil of Islam cannot possibly come from a God of love. How else can we save innocent people from brutality unless we criticize Islam? There is no criticism in the world that is as bad as the animalistic attacks of Muslims on innocent people. So will you have the courage to publish my comments? I wonder.
Wednesday, November 1st 2006 @ 11:56 PM

Posted by jimgoist:

I am so sorry this happened. I am praying to God (Yahweh) that the wife and daughters may still be alive and get out of there..
This is proof that Islam is from the DEVIL.
But in all of this God still loves the muslims...
Wednesday, November 1st 2006 @ 10:40 PM

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